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STL Logistics offers multi modal inland transport solutions.

Pre-Carriages and On-Carriages

STL Logistics arranges all kinds of pre- and on- carriages by truck, barge or rail, depending on the type of cargo. The most suitable mode of transportation is selected according to your requirements and specifications of the shipments. STL trucking services enable you to make use of efficient door-to-door deliveries due to its finely tuned network of carriers. STL can also provide palletizing, order picking and warehousing facilities.

Additional services

  • Just-In-Time deliveries
  • Container inland transportation
  • FTL & LTL transportation
  • Express trucking
  • Tautliner, box and reefer chassis
  • Special cargo, project, heavy lift and deep loader transport
  • hazardous cargo transportation

FCL Shipments: STL can arrange full container loads from and to almost anywhere in the world via its world-wide network. Also the pre-carriage and on-carriage can be arranged, as well additional services can be offered such as customs, VGM and insurance.

STL being exclusive shipping agent for Euromed Lines serving Famagusta (Turkish Cyprus)

LCL Shipments: STL has extensive experience in consolidating containers and the handling thereof. STL can arrange everything from container stripping and stuffing upto customs formalities. Together with STL network of colleague agents STL is providing the best possible services worldwide.

As Rotterdam and Antwerp are the European main ports transshipments can be offered into Europe as well worldwide.

The handling of consolidated containers consists of:

  • Container stuffing and stripping in sophisticated warehouses
  • customs formalities
  • customs clearance
  • issuing transit documents
  • customs bond throughout the European Community
  • Transshipments to and from destinations in Europe
  • use of the best possible means of transport
  • execution of loading and discharge surveys if required
  • door-to-door services

Special Sea Transports

  • Heavy lift, project and oversized cargo
  • Bulk and breakbulk cargo
  • Dangerous/IMO cargo
  • RoRo cargo (Roll on-Roll off)
  • Temperature and climat controlled cargo (Reefers)
  • Cross-trade shipments

STL air transport solutions, whether being full charter, part charter or air consolidation cargo, are always tuned to your specific requirements.

Schiphol and Brussels Airport are two of the main airports in Europe that play a major role in international air traffic. This unique position allows STL to fullfill an important role in today’s air traffic. STL extensive network consists of partners in Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, London and most of the smaller airports in Europe. This enables STL to arrange air transport from and to almost every destination in the world with reliable airlines. STL is offering clear logistical solutions for your import and/or export shipments at competitive rates.

STL can act on your behalf on all your freights from shipper to consignee. To assure the highest level of efficiency STL guarantees a swift and effective response to your requests.

STL can offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Customs clearances
  • Warehousing and physical distribution
  • Priority or next day deliveries, domestic or international
  • Handling, packing, dangerous goods checks
  • Door-to-door deliveries
  • Full and part charters
  • Air consolidation

STL has created a special concept for assistance to overseas customers, agents and non-airport based forwarders.

Both Schiphol and Zaventem have excellent connections with airports around the world.

STL can offer transports throughout Europe:

  • From Rail Terminal to Rail Terminal
  • From Door to Door in combination with truck delivery
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Trailers by rail
  • Cars
  • Bulk all kind

Silk route China – Europe vise versa  approx 15-17 days Transit Time

  • To and from several Rail Terminals in China
  • To European rail destinations in all European countries

STL can offer:

  • Transports per barge through all European Canals and Rivers.
  • Experienced in Container barging
  • Door to Door delivery in combination with truck transportation throughout Europe
  • Special cargo as project cargo, heavy lift, forest products, steel or non-ferrous metals, and different types of breakbulk cargo
  • Collection and delivery at Quay – over board and also per truck can be arranged

Specialised in Steel

In addition to STL general services, the office in Antwerp offers special services for steel shipments. These shipments require special treatment that ensure your shipment is handled with care. STL Antwerp office has:

  • excellent contact with all important Antwerp stevedores
  • know-how to handle different kinds of steel. For example: coils, beams, sheets, pipes, wire rods et cetera.

STL can offer:

  • Discharging and loading of steel shipments on a free in/out basis
  • Storage in covered sheds and/or open space
  • Order picking
  • Stripping and stuffing containers
  • Surveys
  • Worldwide chartering of full and part loads
  • Customs formalities (including fiscal representation)
  • On-carriage by truck, rail and/or barge
  • Special coil trucks and railway cars
  • House delivery
  • The chartering of vessels

For general cargo, STL can offer storage in pallet racks, floor etc.

  • Pre- and On-carriage
  • Order picking
  • Palletising
  • Labeling
  • Stock Control
  • Sealing/Wrapping
  • Pallet supply
  • Packing  etc.

Different kinds of steel require different kinds of storage: STL office in Antwerp offers storage for both hot-rolled steel (open space areas) and cold-rolled, stainless steel (covered sheds) These facilities are selected according to their excellent locations.

STL can offer house deliveries by truck, railway wagons and river barges at competitive rates. With a 48 hour pre-notice STL can arrange almost all transports including special steel transports.

STL worldwide agency network enables to arrange a wide range of container transport possibilities. STL has extensive experience with container consolidation handlings. STL can arrange everything from container stripping and stuffing upto custom formalities and door deliveries.

In addition to the logistic services STL can offer customs documentation for all shipments.

STL can arrange Fiscal and direct representation consultancy on any import or export matters in the European community. STL is well updated with the latest information on EU regulations for import and export.

For export containers STL can assist to present VGM (Verified Gross Mass) details to the carrier in a timely manner.

STL can also provide the insurance for all kinds of goods. Depending on the commodity type, the means of transport and the value of the shipment STL can offer you a custom made insurance policy. For detailed information please contact our offices.


STL is experienced in importing E-commerce cargo for quick delivery to E-commerce depots in the EU.


Looking for an experienced B2B warehouse partner to ship your products from a central location in Europe?

B2B fulfilment often requires more attention compared to B2C fulfilment. B2B orders usually contains a wide variety of products and is large in volume. This makes the B2B process more complicated compared to B2C orders. A lot of fulfilment companies in the Netherlands turn down B2B order requests because of this complexity.

STL Logistics BV  E-fulfilment has got a long standing reputation when it comes to B2B and is very capable to help you improve your service by offering a high quality service. By using special hardware, software and by employing highly trained staff we make sure to deliver all of your B2B orders to your customers all around the world.

Why choose STL Logistics BV E-fulfilment as your B2B fulfilment partner:

  • We’re comfortable working with complex B2B fulfilment processes, like personalization and special supplements.
  • Our highly trained staff really feel involved and are very capable to collaborate so that an optimal process flow can be achieved.
  • You can count on affordable, tailor-made solutions which offer extensive shipment options worldwide
  • Customs handling for B2B shipments special software available
  • Your partner for outsourcing your B2C shipments

STL can handle this kind of cargo as import by Air or Sea and also Rail (Silk Route). Since E-commerce cargo needs quick deliveries, STL has adapted special routings to save time.

STL can offer:

  • quick clearance
  • immediate direct transport
  • direct reloading and splitting in STL warehouse upon request
  • In case of delivery to the consumer directly, STL can offer in cooperation with its partners:
  • software for handling (barcodes)
  • order picking
  • delivery (courier) to all EU addresses.

We provide a weekly containerized consolidation service from Rotterdam via Antwerp ports to Famagusta via Mersin.

Full Container Loads
We provide a weekly service from any port to Famagusta via Mersin, using 20’, 40’, 40’ High Cube, Reefer, Open Top or Flat Rack Containers.

The transit time for this service is usually 25 days. We can pick up full container loads from any European port and also offer pre-carriage from nominated addresses.

About STL

Established in 2005, STL Logistics is a dynamic forwarding organisation with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and representative offices worldwide.

STL Logistics provides high quality services at competitive rates, by utilizing its worldwide network of agents. STL dedicated professionals continuously strive to meet the requirements of its customers in a swift, correct and last but not least, friendly manner. In order to ease communication STL personal can serve you in 8 different languages.

Whether by land, sea or air, STL Logistics offers you the best way to deliver goods anywhere in the world. In addition to its forwarding solutions STL Logistics offers a wide range of logistical services such as warehousing, distribution, insurance, customs facilities and consolidation solutions. In order to offer its customers the best service STL continues to expand its worldwide network of agents. STL Logistics, together with its global network of forwarders, works in unison to handle your cargo the best possible way. In order to guarantee quality STL is AEO certified and working under FENEX and VEA conditions.


To achieve total customer satisfaction by offering competitive logistic solutions.


  • A dedicated and personal approach
  • Offer tailor-made logistic solutions
  • Offer services at highest levels via STL Global Network
  • Long term customer relationships


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